Thursday, April 7, 2016

A little bit of everything at Cabo Pearce, along with a surprise from a massive tiger shark!

We moved from Roca Partida to Socorro Island where we did 4 dives at Cabo Pearce. We started early in the morning, the water temperature was 75F/23C with visibility about  40ft/18M. On the first two dives we saw a friendly pacific giant manta ray and a few white tips sharks along with a few Galapagos sharks one hammerhead. The current started to pick up so the group decided to drift into the blue while we were doing our safety stop, and a group of 5 dolphins came and played with the divers! So instead of a 3 minute safety stop, we made it 10! On the 3rd dive the current picked up a bit so we decide to stay near the reef and watched as lots of jacks and a big yellow fin tuna was eating were swimming about! At the end we started drifting with the current for our safety stop a big shark kind of looking like a juvenile whale shark  at distance but when him approach It was a tiger shark! Then the shark disappeared in the blue! On the 4th dive the was no more current at all, so we did a nice relaxed dive along the reef!
Benjamin Lazcano
Dive instructor
Solmar 5

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