Sunday, April 17, 2016

Amazing dives with mantas and dolphins at Socorro Island!

Today we were at socorro island and we dove Cabo Pearce the water temperature was 23C/73F and the visibility ranged from 30ft/10m to 80ft/24m.
We had some amazing dives with dolphins and mantas today probably the best dives of the trip so far, on the first dive five minutes after we got in the water we had a group of 5 dolphins that showed up and stayed with us for about 20 minutes circling the divers and looking at us it was amazing.
On the second dive we were by one of the cleaning stations and there were 4 very big Galapagos sharks close to us being very curious witch is quite unusual for dis dive site. The best dive for sure was the third one as soon as we got in the water there was a extremely friendly manta that was interacting with the divers and getting cleaned by the clarions for over 20 minutes, after it left we continued to cruise the dive site and spotted another manta when suddenly a dolphin showed up together with a Galapagos shark and we had the three of them circling us for several minutes until it was time to go to our safety stop were the manta followed us and stayed until the end of the dive.
On the last dive we had two friendly mantas pass by for a while and about 10 dolphins cruised by but this time they just teased us and kept swimming.
Now we Head to the famous el boiler to see what kind of action we find there this week!
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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