Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A little bit of everything at Cabo Pearce!

April 26, Socorro Island 
Dive Report - Cabo Pearce
Today we had a wonderful first dive at Cabo Pearce! We went down in very clear water 60' to 80'/18M to 24M visibility water temp was 77F/25C.  At the beginning of the dive, a group of 8 bottlenose dolphins greeted us!  We continued by the wall which takes us to the lava flow.  Once at 50'/15M we had 3 to 4 mantas aroudn us with lots of clarion angelfish around.  The mantas were coming to the site and we had up to 8 mantas swimming around our divers for over 40 minutes!  What an amazing dive!! For the second dive the current picked up a bit, we checked the cleaning station first, to see a black manta pass just below us!  A big Galapagos shark appeared, with a huge dorsal fin! At the bottom of the site, a few white tip sharks were resting on the sandy area with the current when a few hammerheads showed up! 
The 3rd dive was absolutely amazing!  We had a very playful manta chevron with us the entire time!  It was around the cleaning station with lots of angelfish on top, trying to clean it.  This manta was doing close up with our divers and it loved our diver's bubbles on it's belly!  When the manta felt bubbles on it's belly, it totally stopped swimming and seemed suspended in mid water, enjoying the bubbles, something we like to call a Manta Jacuzzi!  It was totally amazing watching this manta leave the are, circle around, and come back wanting more bubbles!  More mantas joined the party and we had 4 mantas aroudn our diver!  Two of them were swimming in line together from depth up to shallo water, making circles, and swimming fast! The other two were circling around our divers and interacting with our divers, we couldn't believe what was happening when 8 bottlenose dolphins showed up!  They were dancing around us, very curious, exceptionally playful, and they stayed with us for a while.  
The last dive of the day was very relaxed, we moved along the wall following the lava flow, and cleaning stations there wasn't a lot of manta action, but we took in all the marine life along the reef, barberfish, parrot fish, flounders, white tip sharks, a galapagos shark, pacific triggerfish, trumpet fish, lots of sea urchins, clarion angelfish, lots of pacific creole fish!  We went into the blue to finish our dive, only to have a BIG hammerhead shark pass in front of us, along with a bigger school of hammerheads to follow, showing us why Cabo Pearce is one of our favorite dive sites!
Ignacio H. Leyro
 Solmar V
Scuba Instructor

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