Monday, April 4, 2016

Back at San Benedicto!

Today we did our fist dive at the canon in san benedicto island,  the visibility on the fist dive was about 40ft/12m. We did a boat dive the current wasn't very strong, the water temperature was kind of warm at 75F/23C. We were diving along the cannon toward to the cleaning station where we saw a school of 25 hammerheads a few silvertips and some white tips along with a school of big eye jacks and a few moray eels. On the second dive of the day, we decided to stay below the boat where 3 silkies shark and a school of big aye jacks were doing their rounds. For the third dive were moved from el “cañon” to el “el boiler” and at the boiler the visibility was much better at 100ft/30m and the temperature was the same 75F/23C. At the boiler we saw a big yellow fin tuna probably 275 lbs, white tips, blue, jack trevalli, then on our last dive of the day the current picked up a bit, so we did one lap around the rock and then the group decided to drift with the current. We saw a school of amberjacks and at the end when we were doing our safety stop a giant pacific manta passed by and stayed with our divers until the end of our safety stop! 

Benjamin Lazcano
Solmar V
Dive Instructor

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