Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Big schools of jacks, friendly dolphins, and several species of shark made for an awesome day at Roca Partida!

Today we dove at Roca Partida the weather was just as good as yesterday, the water temperature was 73F/23C and the visibility ranged from 80ft/24m to 100ft/30m.
On the first dive as soon as we got in the water we could hear the dolphins but we could not see them, so we waited at the north point were they usually hang out. We kept hearing them, but still could not see them, so we decided to go out into the blue and there they were! A pod of 10 dolphins most of them were close to the surface but a couple of them came down to check us out, and were just staying there in a vertical position showing their belly to the divers witch was perfect for some pictures! On the second dive we mainly stayed along the wall on the east side with the white tip sharks this time there were lots of them in the ledges and just below there was a huge school of white mouth jacks and one of the biggest schools of black jack I have ever seen. On the last dive we got a bit more of shark action on the south point there were 4 big Galapagos circling us and going in and out of the school of jacks and at the end as we did our safety stop one very friendly silky shark showed up.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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