Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dec 10, 2016

The last day of SCUBA diving for this trip. We are back to San Benedicto and the dive site is El Boiler for four dives. The water temperature was 77 and the visibility 40 feet. For the first dive we had dolphins following us and two mantas deep in the blue. On the second dive the mantas were more friendly and three of them were swimming with the divers most of the time. After lunch we did dives three with two mantas in shallow water and a third one close to the bottom. The last dive was the one with more manta activity, during the 60 minutes of the dive we saw five mantas, two black and three chevron. Also a black tip shark was swimming in between a big school of jack fish. Also we saw white tip sharks, green moray eel, lobsters and colorful fish  during the dives.

Pablo DM

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