Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Nov 18, 2016

Hi All !!
Today was a fantastic day at the Sea of Cortez !!. In the morning we ,ve been snorkeling with Whalesharks at El Mogote .We found 5 differents Whalesharks .Three of them very big at least 7 m / 22 ft in lenght , and anothers around 5 m/ 15 ft in lenght .Every diver was very happy to swim with the biggest fish in the World !! .The afternoon dive was like every shipwreck very interesting and fun !!.We dove the Fang ming with lots of black coral and lots of tropical fish as yellow snappers ,Angel Fish , big groupers , and we seen an small turtle .We could penetrate in some areas wich are safe and was very interesting to watch the light passing trough the roof and windows and all the structure of the wreck .The wind was blowing hard then we move to the dive site Ballena ,shallow dive to 50 ft/ 15 m., with good conditions .Water temperature 82 Ft / 25 ÂșC and the visbility was 30 ft / 9 m and was perfect to do a drift dive ,with lots of tropical fish and a big male and fat sealion was coming to check us . See you soon !!
                                               Ignacio H. Leyro
                                                Scuba Instructor

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