Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dec 6, 2016

San Benedicto                                                                                

    Hello everybody !
   Diving at el cañon today gave us a wonderfull experience !!.Lots of whitetips sharks ,silvertips sharks and big baitball of bonitas at south ,with two silky sharks circling around !.the water temperature was 26 ºc / 80 ºf and the visibility was 80 ft / 24 m , and in the afternoon was 40 ft / 12 m .We saw a couple of hammerheads , and when the current was a little stronger we found a big school of hammerheads , more than 40 hammerheads from the 90 ft / 27 m to the 60 ft /18 m .When the hammerheads school was at the limit of the visibility ,a black manta showed up and was possible to see it very clear !.heading to socorro for more fun !! see you soon!!
                                                                                                               ignacio h. leyro
                                                                                                               scuba  instructor

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