Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dec 7, 2016

Today we dove in Socorro Island, the water temperature was 79 and the visibility around 40 feet, the current was quite strong for the first and third dive. We did three dives today because we had to to the check in at the Navy base. For the first dive we had one black manta, a silver tip shark and a group of dolphins. For the second dive we had one manta and some big tunas crossing the reef. The third dive was the best of the day, the current was much stronger than the first dive. We we hanging from a rock where we saw a small tiger shark, after that one of the groups so another one, but this was bigger and the shark was chasing a school of bonitas. One chevron manta showed up and stayed with us for a long time, also tunas were close enough to take pictures of them, passing between divers.

Pablo DM

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