Saturday, December 17, 2016

Dec 16, 2016

The first full day of diving on this trip. We were in San Benedicto, the dive site El Boiler where we did four dives. The water temperature was 77F and the visibility around 50 feet. The current was heading North in the morning, for the afternoon dives changed direction to South. The first dive we did, we had a group of dolphins swimming with us for a long time and also three mantas, one black and two chevron. For the second dive three chevron mantas and one black; but the best part of the dive was when a tiger shark showed up. For the third dive we went out into the blue to look for big animals. We saw a hammerhead a Galapagos shark and when we were returning to El Boiler, a huge school of skip jack passed, it was so big that we couldn't see the beginning and the end at the same time. Finally the fourth dive of the day, and the mantas came back to us; two chevron and one black were there. At the end of the day the people were very happy diving in El Boiler.

Pablo DM

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