Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Nov 20, 2016

  Hi All !!

  Diving in Roca Partida was a lot of fun !! we found a big school of skipjacks mixed with bonitos at the 80 ft / 24 m., which form a baitball .The water temperature was 80 ºF / 26 ºc and the visibility around 80 ft / 24 .Was a good day to watch Wahoos ,amberjacks ,bigeye jacks .Was possible to see a Galapago shark which was going deeper .A couple of silvertips shark were in the area and we found occasionally few hammerheads at the limit of the visibility ,and during the second dive a big school of them showed up at the 100 ft / 30 m.,more than 40 hammerheads for sure !!.In the blue water we had a baitball of pacific bonito at the 60 ft /18 m and anothers hammerheads around this school ,and ending the dive lots of wahoo swimming around us an a couple of silky sharks were circling around us .Great day of diving today !! see you soon !
                                                                                                           Ignacio Hernan Leyro
                                                                                                             scuba instructor

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