Monday, December 19, 2016

Dec 18, 2016

18 december 2016 ,Roca Partida 

Dive report / roca partida 

Hi All !
Our second day at Roca Partida was amazing !!.we went down at the northern corner of the rock e immediately we saw a chevron manta at the 90 ft / 27 m.The manta was circling around this area when the silvertips sharks comes very close to us !!.the manta chevron was moving from the northwest to south ,then we moved with it .The current wasn,t strong and the conditions were very nice .The visibility was 80 ft / 24 m and the temperature was 78 º f / 27 º c .Once at the southern corner was fabulous 4 mantas chevron swimming up and down from the 50 ft / 15 m to the surface ,and a black manta join them .The 3 groups of divers were sourrended by mantas and everyone was happy ,taking pictures ,blowing bubbles at the manta,s belly !!.The Mantas were all day close to the site .And not only Mantas , we saw big schools of amberjacks ,lots of bigeyejacks ,bonitas ,big yellowfin tunas ,skipjacks ,silky sharks ,hammerheads and lots of whitetipsharks and wahoo,s too !!now heading straight to Socorro island! see you soon !!
Ignacio h. leyro                                                                                                         
scuba instructor

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