Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dec 9, 2016

Roca Partida ,december 9th 2016

   We have no words to describe all the good stuff we found today diving at Roca Partida !! .Absolutely gorgeous ! .At the northern corner we found 2 Mantas Chevron circling from the rock to the blue , swimming up and down , when 2 big silvertip sharks were chasing them and finally dissapear . A huge school of bonitas comes from the east and was sourrended by 7 sylky sharks .when we check the ledges at the eastern face of the rock ,lots of whitetip sharks were there .The current was strong from south to north then we drift to the north for the second dive and the mantas showed up again and the school of bonitas was closer to the island this time , and a big school of amberjacks was close to the rock .we saw big eye jacks ,tropical fish like puffers and morish idols ,The water temperature was 78 º f / 26 º C , and the visibility was 80 ft /  24 m .Diving at the southern corner , the current was lesser thats why we chek the ledges with whithetips for the last time and we drift from south to north this time .At south we found schools of amberjacks ,trevalley jacks and from the depth a beautiful galapagos sharks showed up !! and a silvertip was deeper .we drift along the western face of the rock which is plenty of hard coral and sea urchins and at the nortwest a manta chevron was there .to finish the dive wewent to blue and lots of wahoos were in the blue .beautiful day !! see you soon !!
                                                                                                                  ignacio hernan leyro
                                                                                                                   scuba instructor

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