Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Nov 2, 2016

Today we are back on the archipelago of Revillagigedo getting ready for another exciting season which could not started better than today.

The weather conditions were prime, with no swells, slight current coming from the south, 86 F of temperature with 60 feet of visibility that made the check out dive one of the best we have had in Fondeadero located in San Benedicto Island. Once underwater we encounter 3 sting rays and suddenly a big shadow showed what the people were expecting, the first manta, a black one giving the welcome to the opening of the season and delighting the divers. Along the dive we swam with 3 more chevron mantas that showed their friendly behavior as always and we cannot forget the baby silvertips, the silkys and the white tips laying on the sand.

Hope the season stays like this! Its hard to top up this check out dive so we are hoping the best..

Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.

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