Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dec 19, 2016

Hi there,
We were today in Socorro island, the dive site Cabo Pierce. The plan for the day was to do three dives, and later on go to the navy base to do the check in. The water temperature was 74F and the visibility for the first dive was around 30 feet, with a strong current heading southeast. We had to hold on to the reef to stay close to the action. We saw a huge tuna and three mantas, two chevron and one black, but maybe because of the strong current they didn't stay. For the second dive the current slowed down and the visibility improved a lot, like 60 feet. We were able to swim around with a group of dolphins that showed up. In the group were two mothers with their calf's, they were playing with the buoy at the cleaning station for the mantas. Latter on the dive, the three mantas came back and this time we could swim with them and take pictures. The last dive after lunch, the current changed and was strong again but with good visibility. We saw three hammerheads, two mantas, Galapagos and silkies sharks drifting over the reef. The people were very happy for all the action that we saw on the second and third dives. Tomorrow San Benedicto for the last day of diving on this trip.

Pablo DM

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