Monday, June 9, 2014

An exceptional day from beginning to end!

We had an exceptional day from beginning to end! 
Once we started our descent on our first dive, we got down to 30', only 20 seconds into the dive and I turned around to see a whale shark right behind us!  The gentle giant was about 21' long with a wall of brown and green coral, lots of fish, and the rock as the background for a great picture, it was a beautiful picture of the underwater world in that moment of time! We had repeated opportunities for great shots throughout the day! We started looking for some hammerheads, it took some swimming but we found a school of 20 of them, we waited patiently and watched as they swam a half circle in front of us.  There were a lot of white tips, and a huge bait ball of trip bonitos being followed by some silky, Galapagos, and silver tip sharks, on top of all of this action we had over 100' visibility!
On our second dive, it took about 3 minutes before the friendly whale shark found us, but this time it returned with a giant manta friend!  We wanted to find more hammerheads, but we spent as much time as we could with the whale shark at about 20-30' of water.  Galapagos, silky, and white tips were swimming around the rock as usual, and because there was no current we were able to do a relaxing dive cruising around the rock!  Later on in the dive the whale shark along with two mantas this time, made another appearance, many pictures were taken!  Part of our surface interval was snorkelig with a 30' whale shark.  
We finished our 3rd dive with lots of fish making a wall formation along the western side of the rock, on the south end we found hammerheads, yellowfin tunas, and a big whale shark at depth that we think was the same one we were snorkeling with!  We ended our day with a gorgeous sunset behind Roca Partida!
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Daniel Zapata

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