Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mantas and dolphins in the morning at Socorro Island, during the afternoon the spot to be was the cleaning station!

Today we arrived to Socorro Island and we did four dives. The water temperature was 80F at the surface and 78F at 40ft/12m. The visibility on the first two dives was around 60 ft and for the afternoon dives the current picked up a little bit bringing murky water, the vis was 40ft more or less. In the morning dives we saw mantas and dolphins, the mantas stayed with us all the time and for moments we had five of them surrounding us. Because of the manta action, for the afternoon dives we stayed close to the cleaning station to see the mantas and the Clarion angel fishes interacting. Everybody was very happy today taking pictures of the mantas and the reef fishes. Now we are having BBQ at the bow made by our chef Tony. Pablo DM onboard Solmar V

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