Friday, June 6, 2014

We had a "Mantastic" day on our first full day of the trip at El Boiler!

We had a "Mantastic" day on our first full day of the trip at El Boiler!  We all thought that the marine life activity was going to be a bit different since the Hurricane Amanda passed by the archipelago, but actually the conditions did not change much.
Jumping in the water early in the morning and everything was quiet, made us think that all the animals have gone. 5 minutes before ending the first dive and the first Chevron Manta showed up, but it was time to get out of the water.
Later on about 10:30 am we got back in the water to do our second dive and there they were, 5 Mantas that welcomed all of us to hang out for pretty much the entire dive! On several occasions we had 4 Mantas in the same frame! While some divers hung out with the mantas, others were entertained by a pod of 10 Bottlenose Dolphins around the corner!
The next two dives were great in senses of Manta action, at the end of the day after all four dives, we realized we had seen 13 different Mantas! At least 13 were identified and maybe one more, too, we had up to 5 mantas in the same shot on a number of occasions!
The water temperature was around 77F/24C on the surface and below 50’/15m under the thermocline the water was 75F/23C, the visibility was in the 70’/20m and we did not have to deal with any current at all!

Tonight, the weather looks good for Roca, so we’re moving there after dinner.  Stayed tuned for the Roca’s news!
Erick Higuera

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