Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hammerheads, dolphins, and mantas at Socorro Island

The conditions at Cabo Pearce at Socorro Island were pretty much the same as in San Benedicto, definitely the storm Cristina removed the surface waters and these were replaced by deeper and colder (71F/21C) water full of nutrients which trigger a massive bloom of plankton that now we know is surrounding both San Benedicto and Socorro Islands. Due to these plankton blooms that show up sporadically, the Archipelago of Revillagigedo is rich in diversity and abundance, for sure in within the next weeks, the feeding season will start for Mantas and other species. Even though the visibility was low, we saw at least 8 different Mantas that got cleaned at Cabo Pearce, we did 4 dives and in all of them we had Mantas company. Only in the first morning dive we had the luck to see a pod of 5 dolphins that herd a school of Yellow Fin Tunas cruising by the ridge of the reef.  The northern strong current picked up in the next three dives without stopping, however, we used the chance to drift towards the end of the reef finding a small group of about 10 Hammerhead Sharks and few Galapagos Sharks that swam by mid water.
Tonight we're heading for Roca Partida, hopefully the conditions will be better in senses of visibility, anyway, at Roca we always expect the unexpected, like in the last trip, 5 different whale sharks, several Mantas and tons of fishes.

Stayed tuned for the next adventures with the Solmar V folks!
Hasta la vista!
SolmarV Dive Instructor
Erick Higuera

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