Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rays, silky sharks, and sea turtles at Las Cuevas!

Today Wednesday we arrived to San Benedicto around 4:30 pm and did our first dive in “Las Cuevas”; the check out dive. The visibility today was good, 60ft/18m and the water temperature 78ºF/26ºC. We had good action today, a couple of silky sharks swimming close to the surface; some white tip sharks on the reef, sting rays of different sizes and little electric rays on the sand! We also ran into three green turtles and the best part of the dive when we saw a big school of yellow fin tuna of different sizes passing by.  Now at night close to the boat the silky sharks are swimming around and dolphins are here also catching flying fish for dinner. We hope tomorrow morning we can see the dolphins when we go for the first scuba dive of the day!
DM onboard

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