Sunday, June 1, 2014

We continued our trip with amazing weather conditions and beautiful sun rise/sets!

Cabo Pulmo this morning! So we continued our trip with amazing weather conditions, the Sea of Cortes is known for beautiful sunrises, sunsets and flat ocean. Our first dive of the morning took place at El Vencedor, wreck diving although you do not find the shape of a wreck any more but we did find schooling fish are something that keep your attention focused at all times!  There are other things like green morays, even some nudibranchs, but the highlight of this dive site is the bull sharks! They like this place resting on the shallow bottom, at only 50ft! If you wait patiently they will come to you, we repeated the same wreck two times this morning every time successfully finding bull sharks! While waiting for them to appear you are surrounded by lots of garden eels, they are so cool! But you have to stay on your toes, because they can approach you without warning, and before you know it you'll have missed your photo op! Surface water temperature this morning was 80F and at depth 75F, Vis with about 40ft and no current. The other dive we did was at El Bajo, always a place surrounded by lots of fish, the reef that sits on 60ft/18 max sandy bottom, and we had the same ocean conditions.  At this dive site, your bottom time is never enough, sea turtles, groupers, snappers, green morays, zebra eels, sting rays, parrot fish, hard coral and soft coral from begining to end so this place combines all in one, in our return to Solmar V first time we saw a mahi mahi actually hunting for a fish, both of the fish jumping out of the water, one hungry the other trying to escape from the predator that was hot on it's tail!
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