Saturday, June 7, 2014

Life underwater is very good here at Roca!

We are always excited about this dive area, the ocean surface was very pleasant, on top of that water temperature was from 81°F to 78°F, current from NW made the dive very interesting all day with fish going crazy in a feeding frenzy! There were lots of Blacks Jacks everywhere, cotton mouth jacks turning black from being silver color, sharks were also there, they felt the feeding frenzy of fish and got very excited!  We did not have to swim, we were just amazed at how close the sharks were from our divers, silkies, Galapagos, silver tips, hammer heads and white tips made our dive unforgettable! Roca is not usually a place for mantas but we were pleased to see 3 mantas throughout the day, 2 chevrons and a black one. Yellow fin tunas as big as 150lb were also hunting in shallow water, it is not easy to get them in frame for a good picture because the swim so fast but we tried! Silky sharks  chasing schools of bonitos is also a big attractions here, there was so much action that our guests will have plenty they could enter in the Solmar V photo contest! Everyone had a great day of diving and are excited about day 2 at Roca Partida! Life underwater is very good here at Roca!
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Daniel Zapata

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