Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Unusual conditions on our checkout dive at El Boiler

We arrived to San Benedicto island around five pm. The idea was to do the check out dive in "Las Cuevas" but because of the last storm passed over the Archipelago a few days ago, the visibility was too low to get our gear finely tuned. We decided to dive at "El Boiler" because it's deeper there, we could have better conditions. The water temperature was around 73F/23C and the visibility wasn't the best, 20ft/6m. Still we were very excited and happy to dive after 25 hrs. of navigation.  As always El Boiler treated us well, we saw two Pacific Giant Mantas, one chevron and one black; they stayed with us all the time moving around from one group of divers to the other, so the people could take some pictures and video.  We came back from the dive happy because we saw mantas on our very first day. Now we are having a mexican bbq at the bow watching the sunset and relaxing because tonight we are heading to Socorro Island, where we are expecting to see more mantas some dolphins and maybe better dive conditions.
Pablo DM onboard

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