Sunday, June 8, 2014

Today at Roca Partida we had an spectacular day of diving!

Today at Roca Partida we had an spectacular day of diving! We started at seven am because we wanted to see the animal in action and it was the right choice!  On the north eastern point of the rock all the action was happening! Galapagos, Silver tip and Silky sharks were there chasing some striped bonito fish!  After that, we drifted south that was the best call. We saw a big school of hundreds of striped bonitos swimming closely together with yellow fin tunas and silky sharks hunting them! Down deep, around 120' we could see schooling hammerheads.  
For the second dive we went again to find the school of striped bonitos and because the sharks and tunas were hunting them, the fish were more active and in one moment we were surrounded by them, hundreds swimming around us with the sharks following them! Lots of hammer head sharks were there too, but in deep water. We continued going south and going around the rock towards the end of the dive a whale shark showed up! When we came back to the surface the panga driver told us that there was another whale shark swimming close to the Solmar V, and he dropped some of the divers there to snorkel with the shark.
After lunch we went for the last dive of the day, hopping to see the whale shark again. We jumped on the northwest side of the rock and because the current picked up, we decided to drift south and that was the moment when we saw the whale shark again! We were waiting on the south side when the two whale sharks passed by one behind the other, a male and a female! After a while they came back but now the male came from east and the female from west, she was more friendly with us because she stayed longer and the divers had the chance to follow her and take pictures and video!
Saturday was amazing with all the marine life that we saw, tomorrow we hope Roca Partida will share with us more of her beautiful marine life.

Pablo DM onboard

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