Friday, June 20, 2014

Friendly dolphins, several species of sharks, bait balls, and more on our 2nd day at Roca!

Roca Partida Second Day! 
At 8:30 am, we were already descending for our first dive, within the first 20 min a huge school of bonitos were escorted by dozens of Silky sharks had herded the school into a baitball, we tried to keep up with them as long as we could until they vanished into the blue. At that point we realized we had drifted away from Roca, so there was time to end the dive, on the the way up to the surface a pod of 6 dolphins encountered us and who would've guessed it!? Our Socorro Dolphin friend that loves to be pet on her belly made her appearance! We could not believe it, we all 8 divers had the "once in a life time" opportunity to take turns and pet this incredible wild animal! Unbelievable! Wait to see Adil's video trip report!

Our second and third dives were spent by the north point of Roca basically hanging out the entire dives among the hundreds of hundreds Whitemouth, Black and Bigeye Jacks that are always there and silky, silver tips, white tips and Galapagos sharks that kept coming back and forth by the point. We saw also 3 different Mantas that enjoyed the our bubble massages, only for a brief moment though.
At the end of the third dive in the afternoon, a group of about 20 Yellow Fin Tunas that weight several hundred pounds each cruis by the surface scaring all the creolefishes.
The weather conditions are still good enough to stay for another day, and also, the hammerheads haven't showed up yet, so we're determined to find them tomorrow!
Stayed tuned for the next SolmarV adventures!

Solmar V Dive Instructor

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