Saturday, May 31, 2014

Back in La Paz bay, we found more whale sharks, and explored a dive site called Swany Rock!

Everybody enjoyed snorkeling with the whale sharks so much that we came back for more today!  We spent the night in La Paz bay and at 7am we started looking for them, no luck for almost an hour so we decided to put the pangas in the water to spread the search and...WE FOUND THEM AGAIN! 2 whale sharks were feeding in the area so once again we got the divers in the pangas and off we went in 2 groups. Jeronimo and Luis,our panga drivers, put us on the right spots several times, we had so much fun swimming with them and joking on the pangas while we rested to get back in the water with them. We had a blast! After that we had lunch and our captain Gerardo took us to the Salvatierra Wreck were we planned to do 2 more dives, unfourtunately the current was too strong and visibility was not great so we decided to move to the Swany Rock, where we did our 2 afternoon dives,the water was nice and calm at the surface, water temperature of 79F/27C and a visibility of about 40ft. All of our divers went off on buddy teams to explore the rock, where they found huge schools of mackerel cads, sea lions chasing them, schools of yellow tail snappers, grunts, nudibranchs, octopus, panamic green morays, zebra morays, jewel morays, stingrays and even a stargazer! after a delicious dinner prepared for our chef Tony we are navigating back to Cabo Pulmo, where we will do our 2 last dives of the trip!

Dive master onboard

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