Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Back at San Benedicto with lots of manta interaction!

Hola Hola.
Today we were back at San Benedicto Island the day started a bit cloudy and windy but later on the sky cleared and the weather was just perfect!
Our first dive was at El Cañon and there was a thermocline that made the water temperature drop to about 72F/22C and the visibility was around 40ft/12m. On this dive we went to the edge of the reef as usual to try to find some hammerhead sharks but we did not see any this time... There were a lot of jacks and one big manta going around and by the boat three silky sharks swimming in shallow water.
After that dive we decided to move to El boiler because judging by the weather conditions we thought there would be more action on the other side of the island and we were right! The temperature was a bit higher 78F/25C and visibility 80ft/24m. We did the next three dives there with about seven mantas and lots of interaction all the time! Beside the mantas, each dive had a different highlight. On the first one we had some dolphins just off the reef, on the second one four hammerheads really close by and on the third one a huge school of big eye jacks, just amazing all of them!
Tomorrow is our last day of diving on this trip witch has been great with mantas, whales, whale shark, hammerheads, tiger shark all the things that are rare to see plus all of our usual marine life. For our last day we have planned four dives at EL Boiler so let’s see how this incredible trip ends.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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