Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Once again, it's amazing to be at Roca Partida!

April 28, 2015 
Today we woke up at Roca Partida and once again its amazing to be here. The day started a bit cloudy and windy but it got better and it ended being a beautiful day. The water temperature was 24C/75F and visibility was around 100ft/30m!
On the first dive, we started on the south point of the rock where there was a huge cloud of creole fish, triggers and jacks, in the middle of it lots silver tip sharks and some big tunas hunting! It is always nice to see the sharks swimming by the schools of fish and everything looks calm then suddenly you hear that loud explosion like sound and everything hiding close to the rock and a couple of seconds after you see that it is the yellow fin tuna hunting. From there we went to the north part of the rock looking for some dolphins that we had heard and we found them, 15 bottlenose dolphins.
For the second dive we saw the clouds of fish again, some big Galapagos sharks, a school of 20 hammerheads and a big manta, but the highlight was something really rare to see around here a molamola this very weird prehistoric looking fish. The third dive was all about the tunas hunting again this time on the north part of the rock on shallow water and also some small schools of bonitas passed by.
Tomorrow we have planned one more day of diving in Roca Partida hope it will be as good and as unusual as today was.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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