Friday, April 3, 2015

El Boiler, El Fondeadero, and El Canon at San Benedicto!

--Hi All! April 01, 2015 

The morning was a bit windy but we found playful dolphins!  We found about 10 of them while we were setting the anchor, and even more during our first dive of the day!  At 8:00 am our divers started getting in the water, we dropped in to over 30m/100' visibility with a surface temp of  25.5˚C/78˚F!  We didn't have to wait long before the mantas showed up, the playful dolphins wanted our attention too!  One lonely dolphin showed up first, quickly followed by another 10 behind it!  Their underwater acrobatics were inviting, but due to the current we had to stay in the protected area.  The mantas hung out in the protected area with all of us, enjoying the stream of bubbles we provided for them.  5 mantas got our attention on the northern side of the rock, and the group of 10 dolphins quickly turned into 19-21 of them, swimming very close to us several times, to add to the color of the dive, we also had white tips, lobsters, long nose butterfly fish, flounders, scorpion fish, jacks, and green morays were there!  
On the 2nd dive we managed to get all the way to the other side right where the current hits the rock.  It was beautiful in blue water, all the fish were there feeding on nutrients, and on the bottom we can see the sand waves and very distinctive hammerheads crossing by!  We spent time there for a bit, and after the hammerheads left, we drifted with the current and a tiger shark crossed our path!  The dolphins came back again just for a brief time then went away, the faithful mantas always there with us! 
Taking a break from the strong current we moved to El Fondeadero at the southern part of San Benedicto Island for a third dive which ended up being a drift dive! A very cool by the way, we were gliding all the time with 3 mantas, white tips resting on the bottom, some juvenile silver tips here and there! It was a fun dive not to have to swim into the current and still have lots of thing to see.
    The last dive of the day happened to be at El Cañon, very mild current, easy dive, one hammer head, lots of fish.
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata, Solmar V.

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