Saturday, April 11, 2015

Four amazing dives at El Boiler on our last day of this extended trip!

Today was our last day of diving on this extended 14 day trip and we had four amazing dives at EL Boiler, the water temperature was 78F/25.5C and the visibility around 80ft/24m. The highlight of the day was the first dive it was a dolphin party as our gests said. As soon as we got in the water they were there eight bottlenose dolphins being very playful. They hung out with us for about 25 minutes. It is always a very unique dive when we encounter dolphins here at Socorro, sometimes like today they get very curious especially when the divers start doing the dolphin swim and trying to interact with them, the best is when they came straight at you stop and look at you right in the eye.
On the second dive we had a lot of manta action it started with only a couple but at the end we had about eight of them around us enjoying our bubbles. Towards the end of the dive a whale shark passed by us close to the surface but it was going pretty fast so we couldn’t get a close look at it. On the third and fourth dive there was a lot of manta action to, a perfect way to end the trip with a nice relaxed clear water manta dive.
Now we are heading back to Cabo and will be there for a couple of days and then of course going out on another trip so keep tuned to see what happens next on the Solmar V.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Isntructor

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