Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Two lesser known dive sites at Socorro Island!

Hola again!
Today we spent the day at two different dive sites, we did our first two dives in “Punta Tosca”, where we found a very good visibility of about 80ft/24m and the water temperature was 78F/25.5C. On our two dives there we took our time to explore different parts of the dive site, on the big bar that provides us a very nice wall dive we found many schools of  bi-color parrot, creole and trigger fish, a couple of very big yellow fin tunas, white tip reef sharks, juvenile Galapagos sharks and even a shy chevron manta that swam around us for several minutes without wanting to play, before disappearing in the blue waters! On the shallow area of the dive site we found a lot more white tip reef sharks, many very curious juvenile Galapagos sharks, that would get close when you were looking somewhere else but as soon as you gave them your attention they would swim away, we also found another chevron manta there by the end of our second dive, but again no luck on getting it to play, so we left at lunch time to go back to “Cabo Pearce” where we would finish our day of diving.
We did two more dives at “Cabo Pearce”, on the first one we swam around the whole dive site, deep and shallow area, but no luck, until right at then end when we were poking around the rocks looking at octopus, moray eels and white tip reef sharks, first a chevron manta made its appearance, and a few minutes later 3 bottle nose dolphins came and started playing with us! They were circling around us for a few minutes and then they started swimming right next to us slowly and looking at us! It was awesome! This lasted several minutes before we had to go up the line, as we were getting low on air.
For our last dive of the day we spotted the dolphins at surface from the boat, so we jumped in and for our surprise there was ten dolphins this time, and again the show started...swimming up and down, around us, in between us, and then they started going in vertical position and dropping down slowly, all the way down to the sandy bottom where they would lay down motionless for a few seconds before going crazy again to play around us! All of this excitment in the middle of a very strong south current that made our dive a little short, but 35-40 minutes with these dolphins was enough to leave smiles in our faces.
Now we head back to San Benedicto where we will spend our two last days of diving of the trip!
Stay tuned!
Antonio Romero
Dive Instructor

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