Thursday, April 16, 2015

Las Cuevas was the site for our latest checkout dive!

Here we are once again at San Benedicto Island it was a very smooth ride out here it was a bit cloudy but as soon as we approached San Benedicto the sky cleared and the sun came out.
We arrived in the afternoon witch only gave us time for one check out dive at Las Cuevas. This dive site is great for a check out dive since it is shallow and has a couple of swim troughs and channels perfect for practicing your buoyancy. The water is still warm 78F/26C and the visibility was around 40ft/12m. On this dive we were able to see the usual stuff from Las Cuevas, lobsters walking around lots of white tip reef sharks and snappers on the swim troughs. There was also a green turtle getting cleaned by some clarion fish and right under the boat about five juvenile silvertip sharks going around in circles.
We ended the day with a delicious Mexican style barbeque as we enjoyed the sunset over San Benedicto. Tomorrow we are planning on going for four dives at el El Boiler, this is just the start of our trip so keep tuned to know what happens next.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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