Friday, April 10, 2015

Back to San Benedicto!

Hola amigos!
Last night we left Roca Partida after 4 days of great diving there and headed back to San Benedicto island. The crossing was a little bumpy and it took us about 9 hours to get here, but we made it! 5 am we were already at “El Cañón”, we decided to give it another try and see if this time it had more action for us than last time...and it did!
The conditions today were good, water temperature of 78F/25.5C, and visibility of around 50ft/15m.
The first dive was a little slow, couple of hammer heads and a manta on the distance and a very mild current from the west, but on the second dive action picked up!...current switch and it was coming from the east this time so we swam out to the east corner of the dive site and as we got there we spotted 3 huge hammer heads and a oceanic black tip, the hammer heads came closer and as we lay down on the rocks they circled infront of us a couple of times, right after they left 4 chevron mantas showed up and the show continued mantas came to play with all the divers, they would hover over our heads and then head into the blue to come back for more bubbles!...this went on for about 25 minutes, then was time to start heading back to the ascent line and a couple of mantas followed us to keep playing around the ascent line, taking divers all the way down to the sandy bottom, it was just incredible, mantas wanted to keep playing but had no more bottom time left so time to head up, but for our surprise we had more action right bellow the boat, where a school of juvenile black jacks, a few big eye trevallies, a school of skip jacks and 4 silky sharks were waiting for us to keep shooting pictures and video and of course to keep having fun!
Then on our third and fourth dive some divers decided to go explore around the rocks and the sandy area looking for more hammer heads, sting rays, moray eels, lobsters, and white tip reef sharks while some other divers decided to stay right under the boat enjoying the silky show, at the end everybody ended up diving around the boat playing with mantas, silkys and the thousands of fish just bellow the Solmar V.
Now after a great BBQ, prepared by our chef Tony, we rest by the volcano of San Benedicto to be ready tomorrow morning to navigate around to the west side of the island and dive  with a lot of mantas, hopefully dolphin and hammer head action at“El Boiler” in our last day of diving of this trip.
Stay tuned!

Antonio Romero
Dive Instructor

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