Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mother Nature gave us four very different but amazing dives at Socorro Island

Punta Tosca on Socorro Island was our dive site today and it gave us four amazing dives, the water temperature is still high 78F/25.5C and the visibility was about 80ft/24m.
All four dives were very different because Punta Tosca has lots of different areas to explore a wall, some small pinnacles, lots of sandy patches and a wide shallow area with lots of beautiful hard coral formations that make some nice swim through. During the day we saw some mantas and a couple of hammerheads but the highlights of the dives where the schools of clarion angel fish, one school had about fifty of them and the juvenile Galapagos sharks.
The best dive of the day was the third one where we found a round sandy patch surrounded by hard coral at 60ft/20m that seemed to be the home of some juvenile Galapagos sharks. We stayed there laying on the sand as the sharks went around us, they started to get more comfortable and started to come closer and closer at one point we had eight of them going in circles after 20 minutes with them it was about time to go up and as we did the sharks started following us and five of them were still going around in circles during our safety stop.
After the last dive there were two humpback whales next to the boat so we decided to try to snorkel with them and after a couple of tries they let us get a quick look at them, it was a momma and her baby.
The day ended with a beautiful sunset with the sun setting over the water at the same time that the full moon was rising on the opposite side over the island, what an amazing day!!!!
Now we head to Roca Partida planning to do two days of diving there and really anxious to see what that mysterious rock will have for us this time.

Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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