Sunday, April 19, 2015

The first dive was unbelievable, the second was amazing, and the third was unforgettable!!

Another great day at Roca Partida we had three awesome dives today or as one of our guests said, the first one was unbelievable, the second one amazing and the third one unforgettable. The weather was still the same a bit cloudy but warm and the water temperature 77F/25C.
We all woke up with the hopes of seeing the humpback whales again but from the boat there was no sign of them so we got ready got on the zodiacs and headed to the rock, as soon as the zodiac started moving the dolphins started following us witch is always a good sign and right before we got in the water we saw the whales close to the rock, at that moment we all knew it would be an amazing dive.
As soon as we got in the water there was a school of bonitas starting a bait ball formation with some silky sharks chasing it we started swimming in its direction but that was when we heard the dolphins and they were right behind us so we decided to go with them instead, about ten dolphins being very playful. After a bit the dolphins went away and we saw a school of yellow fin tunas in the distance and right behind it the big school of bonitas again this time stretched out running away from silky, silver tip and Galapagos sharks then it turned in to a bait ball again and then disappeared. But that was not it we saw the dolphins again and we stayed with them till the end of the dive and just to top it off when we were doing our safety stop and everybody thought the dive had ended there they were the two humpback whales right next to the rock, just unbelievable to see how much life and different behaviors Roca Partida had today.
On the second dive the south part of the rock was covered by clouds of fish and some big tunas hunting, which was nice but the real highlight was the last dive. As soon as we entered the water we look down and there they were the humpback whales right next to the rock again and this time they let us get extremely close to them they were there just hovering until it was time for them to breathe and they went up and disappeared,  but we waited a bit and they came back and stayed there again after a while they started to move away very slowly so we tried to catch up with them but of course they are way faster than us and we finished this unbelievable dive out in the blue water.
Tonight we leave Roca Partida one again grateful for being able to appreciate the best that this place has to offer.Tomorrow we will be as Socorro Island doing some dives in Cabo Pearce hoping for lots of manta action, so keep tuned.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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