Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cabo Pearce at Socorro Island had a little bit of everything.

Hola amigos!
Last night after dinner we left San Benedicto island and after a very smooth 5 hour crossing we made it to Socorro island.  “Cabo Pearce” was the dive site for the day, the water temperature was 78F/25.5C, visibility from 30 to 50ft/10 to 15m, and we had a very light current during the whole day, that allowed us to dive from the swimming platform for our 4 dives!
The day had a little bit of everything, in the first two dives the mantas had our attention, chevron and black mantas came to get cleaned at the site, and we spotted them everywhere, they were at 12m/40ft, 24m/80ft and also at 33m/110ft! All of the cleaning stations stayed busy, mantas took turns to get cleaned and play with our bubbles...clarion angel fish were on fire today, we saw up to 25 of them cleaning a single manta! Apart from the manta action we also had sharks, of course white tip reef sharks were all over as always, but we also had a couple of hammer head encounters, two of them came up from the deep to check us out as we drifted away from the dive site at the end of one of our dives! Juvenile silver tips and Galapagos showed up as well, as we were watching the mantas geting cleaned a couple of them swam by, but that was not it also dolphins came to visit us twice! The first time 4 of them played with 8 divers for a few minutes, which was very exciting and as always they left only smiles in our faces! The second time they only swam by right above one of the groups, but they decided not to come to play that time.
For the afternoon mantas left but there was a lot of fish and little critters in the shallow area of the site so we spent 2 dives looking closer to the rocks and taking great pictures and videos of the peacock flounders, scorpion fish, octopuses and the schools of barber fish cleaning bigger fish like the endemic Socorro chub, parrot and hog fish.
After the 4th dive we went to the Navy base for an inspection and after that we made our way to the other side of the island to sleep next to “Punta Tosca”, our dive site for tomorrow, so stay tuned because there is more action coming our way!

Hasta la vista!
Antonio Romero
Dive Instructor

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