Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Our second day at Roca Partida was even better than the first!

Hola amigos!
We stayed for a second day in Roca Partida and it was even better than yesterday!
The visibility around the rock was about 60ft/18m to 80ft/24m, this time the current was coming from the south west. Water temperature at the surface was still the same 78F/25.5C but at depth it got a little colder, 72F/22C, but that was good because current + colder water = more shark action!
Today we had everything around the rock, we had bottle nose dolphins on the 3 dives, and the south west corner was just packed of life, thousands of creole and trigger fish, cotton mouth jacks, big schools of black jacks and big eye trevallys, and all kinds of sharks swimming around them, silkys, silver tips, white tips, Galapagos and even some hammerheads! We would just sit there and hag out waiting for them to come by, and suddenly huge yellow fin tunas would swing by changing color and looking for a prey, some times one at the time and some times schools of up to 8 or 10 tunas will pass by. On the second and third dive we also had a huge school of bonitos being chased by mainly silky sharks but at times also some silver tip sharks would join the feast, the huge ball keep going round and round the rock specially on the south, it went above, under and even between us!
We also had schooling hammer heads! During the first dive they were on the south west had by the end of the day we had 2 schools, the one on the south west and another one on the east and south east side of the rock, they were at about 100ft/30m and one school had about 30 sharks while the other one had probably about 70 hammer heads!
Also by the rock we had the ledges on the east side packed with white tip reef sharks, some ledges had 5, 10 sharks but the big ledge at 40ft/12m had almost 30 sharks laying on top of each other!
Another great day diving Roca Partida, and it was so good that we are staying for a third day!
So stay tuned because we are gonna have more shark action tomorrow!
Hasta la vista!
Antonio Romero
Dive Instructor

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