Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Roca Partida did it again!

Roca Partida did it again! We just had another amazing day of diving it’s the third one here and it keeps getting better. The visibility was still the same 16ft/18m to 80ft/24m, the temperature on the surface was 78F/25.5C and 72F/22C at depth.
On the first dive we started next to the rock on the south west side and swam into the blue for a bit it started slow but we found a big school of black jacks surrounded by a big school of hammerhead sharks about 30 of them and a bit further away another 30 hung out there for around 10 minutes and then made our way back to the rock where there were hundreds of creole fish, trigger fish, jacks, some silve rtip sharks and a couple of huge Galapagos sharks.
On the second dive we started on the same area since its where most of the action has been in the last couple of days and as soon as we got in we saw a big shadow on the shallow right next to the rock and there it was a wale shark about 18ft/6mlong we went with it until the south side of the rock and then it went against the current but that was ok because we stopped were all the school of the different fish were and also some silvertips, Galapagos and a couple of hammerheads going by. After a bit the whale shark came back to where we were and stayed right next to a school of bonitas that was being chased by silky sharks. During this entire dive we also had a sea lion looking at us from the surface.
In between the third and second dive the whale shark left the rock and stayed doing several laps around the boat right in the surface leaving time for us to snorkel with it. And as soon it was time for the third dive it went to the rock again and one more time we had the whale shark next to the school of bonitas being chased by the silkys.
Since it’s been so good at the rock the last three days and we are on an extended trip we are going to stay one last day here and see what surprise it brings us tomorrow.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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