Monday, March 21, 2016

A little bit of everything on our checkout dive at El Fondeadero!

--March 20, 2016
Hi All!
Here we are arriving to San Benedicto Island, after a 24 hours journey from Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. a wind from the stern of about 10 knts accompanied us all the way to here.
The South area of the island called EL FONDEADERO ( MOORING AREA ) is our dive site, sheltered from wind, no swells, it is 16:15 hours, air temp was 26C/ 78F, sunny, we are switching our environment for the next 50 minutes! We were all excited get in the water as soon as possible! One group of divers at the time break the surface of the water, experiencing 23C/73F water temp leaving behind our atmosphere, the descend line is there so we are pulling ourselves from it to the point that 2 silky sharks made us stop to see them, it seemed we are doing backwards, safety stop first! No current at all was nice for a check out dive today! In our dive everything was organized, appearing one thing at time! We are at 18m/ 60ft of water, the line stays behind to continue exploring, the bottom made a big group of Pacific Creole Fish feel secure, a green moray sticks more than half of its body out the crevice, opening and closing mouth intimating some of us, the lower part of a wall in front of us has an opening at base of it, we approached slowly to check it out! sunset will come soon, 5 white tip reef sharks still resting in there, soon they will change to hunting mode! The
composition of underwater topography took us up to 13m/45ft, hard coral here and there were some lobsters hiding under the rocks, long antennas sticking out of the rocks! Nice perspective to see the light penetrating into the water by looking into the sun! Vis 9m/30ft, Some greyish color sandy areas let us see Giant Electric Rays, a big heavy anchor with its long chain lays on the bottom, it has been long years there by how it looks and life attached to it made us think who can possible lost it while a Chevron Manta swims circles above our heads in shallower water enjoying our bubbles, so this manta gained out attention for minutes, we are in the middle she continues to swim circles around us, every time closer, by the way she swims, slowly, barely moving wings denotes no worries! 40 minutes have gone
into the dive, we see the descend line closer to us, a rock the comes up to 12m/40ft of water invites us to swim around it, of course lobsters, green morays eels, lots of yellow tail trigger fish, it is almost 17:00 hours in the evening we are still underwater, other things start to appear, silver tip sharks! The ascend line offered once again the stability of 5m/15 ft depth for our safety stop, 2 curious silky sharks keep coming closer and closer to us, safety stop done!….. The sunset is breathtaking today accompanied with a glass of red wine while
a very bright moon is already out in the opposite side.
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata

Solmar V.

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