Sunday, March 27, 2016

An incredible day at Roca Partida with schooling hammerheads and a juvenile whale shark! Next stop, San Benedicto!

Hi everybody!
We are happy to inform that we had a great day of diving at Roca Partida, gladly the expectations has been succeeded and the guest are very happy enjoying their last days at Revillagigedo. Now we are getting ready to go back to Cabo but one last stop is waiting for us at San Benedicto Island.
The day couldn´t have been better with crystal clear water that reflected the sunshine, flat seas that made our day easy working in the pangas and open skies warming us at all moments. The diving conditions looked perfect and once in the water we had almost 120 ft/40 mts of visibility, thermoclines on the hotspots at the corners of Roca Partida and in between 50 ft/15 mts and 30 ft/10 mts, the current was mild heading from the east making the best spots the north and south of the islet.
To our surprise when we entered the water we started descending and a big shadow appeared under us, we weren't sure what it was, maybe a big Galapagos shark or a black manta but no!! It was a friendly juvenile female whale shark of about 5 meters that started swimming towards us, facing the divers and getting a close look at us! This girl kept swimming around the dive site from north to south, close to the rock and hovering close to the divers! At some point she went deeper heading south and encounter with a big school of hammerhead accompanied by a giant manta! We didn't know what to do, staying with the whale shark or splitting to follow the school of hammerheads so one group headed towards the rock with the whale shark and the rest went deeper with the hammerheads, definitely a decision that many people would like to have!! The whale shark kept coming to the rock near the south point until we had to come up for our safety stop!
For the second dive we headed straight where we left our friend whale shark but she didn´t show up and for this dive we had excellent conditions with great visibility, schools of fish everywhere, Galapagos shark are here and there with the occasional hammerhead swimming erratically between our divers! You never know what you might run into at Roca so you have to keep your eyes open! As the dive went on, we headed to the north because we heard dolphins and eventually found 6 of them rushing to the surface and then heading down to the depths playing and tapping their friends.
About the last dive, our purpose was to find the big school of hammerheads again so we choose to do a dive in the blue starting at the south point, we started going down and after about 20 minutes we found a solitary hammer that led us to his friends, the big school of 50 hammers swam between us for about 5 minutes and then disappear in the blue.
Great day of diving, waiting for more tomorrow at Boiler!
Rodrigo Marroquin, 
Dive Instructor.

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