Friday, March 4, 2016

A mirky underwater world at Cabo Pearce of Socorro Island

Hi everybody!
Today we are at Socorro Island enjoying the magnificent view of the biggest island of Revillagigedo, ready for more fun dives with a curiosity about what are we going to encounter this time!
The day started early with an outstanding sunrise followed by the great vibe of the group on turn, so we unloaded the boats, anchored the SOLMAR V and prepared all the equipment to be ready for the dives.  The dive site this time is “Cabo Pearce” so as usual we are expecting great manta interaction with dolphins and sharks in between, why not maybe a whale cause we have seen them very close to the rock!
The expectations were high after what we experienced at Roca Partida, so we just expected great diving conditions for this, unfortunately the visibility was not good with 10 meters/30 feet, murky water, sediment at the shallow part and no current which made that the particles stayed in the top layer making the first meters hard to see through. The temperature of the water was a little bit cooler than Roca, about 74 F/24 C with thermoclines along the reef where the sharks liked to hang out, especially the Galapagos that appeared frequently during the dives. We couldn’t see that much of the site but the white tips showed all the time resting in the sandy parts, flounders hiding between the rocks, parrotfish and creole fish swimming up and down in the blue (this time murky area) and the moray eels showing their mouths to the divers which always seems to intimidate. During the first and second dive we got to see mantas too, one in particular, a black one came across the divers to hover and swim along the reef; these guys didn’t showed up for the rest of the dives but some sharks  came from the depths at the last dive. We could encounter dolphins for the last dive but it was hard to see them due the poor visibility, but some of our divers could spot them and swim between them which made the day even though we didn’t have the best conditions, but always is good to be in the water. Now we are heading to “El Boiler”, let´s hope we can see a lot of dolphins and have a “manta madness” tomorrow! Stay tuned!
Rodrigo Marroquin, 
Dive Instructor.

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