Saturday, March 12, 2016

El Canon was site for the first day back at San Benedicto!

Hi everybody!
Today we are on our first day of diving at San Benedicto Island and the conditions told us that the best site for the day was "El CaƱon”.
The conditions at the surface were a bit bumpy with big swells and strong wind, the situation under water wasn't as bad as thought with mild current facing from the northeast, and we started with lower than average visibility that got better as the day went on.
Taking in the marine life was quite impressive, for the first dive we had a group of dolphins showing off between our divers, they passed along with the first mantas of the day which was a good omen that it was going to be a good day to spot them!  For the second and third dive we spent most of the dives blowing bubbles to the mantas and this group seemed to catch up the technique quite fast because they didn’t stop all day long, enjoying the mantas flaring and hovering above their heads enjoying the bubble bath provided by our regs. For some of them this was their first experience with such a great animal and at the end of the dives they were very excited about everything else to come!
For the last dive the sharks came out, including two silvertips, a bunch of white tips gather on the cleaning station, 5 hammerheads swimming quite shallow so we spotted them perfectly. Some baby Galapagos and some juvenile silver tips made their appearance with the silkys that never leave their places under the boat swimming between the stubborn black jacks and the blue jacks mixed with the creole fish.
The highlight definitely was the mantas but a especial mention to all the sharks! They were incredible and hopefully they stay like this for tomorrow, even without ideal conditions, if it is like today I´m pretty sure our divers will have a great day!
Rodrigo Marroquin

Dive instructor
Solmar V

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