Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We are heading towards Roca Partida, fter spending a good day of diving at San Benedicto

Hi everybody!
Today we are heading towards Roca Partida after spending a good day of diving at San Benedicto, specifically in Cañon and “Boiler”.
The conditions at Cañon were good with flat sea, no current, visibility of 50 ft/15 mts, the water temperature has dropped from the last trip to 74 F/23 C which made a cold day due the cloudy conditions but enjoyable, there were a few thermoclines close to the surface that helped the divers to warm up for little while.
The first two dives we dove in Cañon with a few mantas that kept coming to the surface, only one of them went all the way down to the sand so we had to drift with three of them making company and blowing bubbles. The divers seemed to enjoyed and the mantas cooperate a lot. On the first dive we got to see 5 hammerheads close to the edge of Cañon with other three frenetic silvertip that kept swimming and hunting at the cleaning station. The white tips where everywhere and the silkys swam around the boat getting very close to the divers, between the stubborn jacks and the hungry creole fish.
After the second dive we decided to change location because even though the conditions were good it could be better in Boiler, so we remove the anchor and headed towards Boiler that presented decent conditions, with mild swell, no current, good visibility with some parts of the site little murky but good enough to interact with the friendly mantas, two chevrons kept swimming to the top of Boiler and then rushing down. The jacks were another highlight building vertical formations close to the boat and the blue jacks swimming very close to the divers. The place had more fish than other times but unfortunately less mantas. We would have another shot for Boiler coming on, so lets wait to see dolphins and more mantas!
On our way to Roca hoping to have great shark action and why not finally a whale!!

Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.

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