Tuesday, March 15, 2016

We had so much action we didn't know which way to go!

Hi everybody!
Today we are on our way to San Benedicto Island after expending two unforgettable days at Roca Partida diving with a bunch of sharks during the whole dives, mantas, dolphins and all the rest of the visitors of this amazing little place on Earth!
The day started early with a beautiful sunrise helping us to awake full of energy to unload the zodiacs, get ready all the equipment and brief ours divers so day could have all the details for the dives this day due the conditions changed a lot here, therefore this time we decided to start the dives on the east face of the rock cause the current was heading from the north east and we knew the life was going to gather there always staying with the current bringing the best of the marine life!
The conditions were good with awesome visibility 120 ft/40 mts, 24 C/74 F temperature with thermoclines on the edges of the south and north faces of Roca, the current stayed coming from the northeast at some points strong but nothing too hard for the divers especially because at some moments of the dives we had to follow the sharks away from the rock we always made sure to get back to the rock using the current no matter sometimes here when you drift you get to see amazing stuff too!
Regarding marine life let’s say almost everything is here. On the first dive we got an amazing immersion with more than 40 hammerheads on the south side of the rock at 30 mts/90 ft, they gathered around the divers at a point that could see perfectly their features, then we encountered big groups of Galapagos sharks, about 50 along the dive coming and going all the east face sometimes getting into the current and leading us to the bigger groups mixed with silvertips and more hammerheads. The tunas were always hunting and chasing the creole fish that run desperately back to the rock to get shelter or even staying close to the divers on a clear sign of help!!
For the second dive we got to see mantas and dolphins swimming while we were watching the awesomeness of sharks all over the place, this wasn't going to stop at any point, with the time got better and better that at one single moment we couldn´t decide which way to go, if we choose between the Galapagos sharks with silvertips, try to follow the hammerheads into the depths, try to get close to the dolphins surfacing for some air, interact with the mantas (by the way one of them was followed by a mobula ray!) or get in the hunt of the tunas chasing all kind of different fishes sometimes even breaking the moment when they cross the blue and scared all the sharks, just to mention some of the moments, but I have to say this place is spectacular and unique.
We are back to San Benedicto but more fun is waiting for us there, we are pretty sure.
Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.

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