Thursday, March 3, 2016

Schooling Hammerhead and Galapagos sharks, friendly mantas and more on our 2nd day at Roca!

--March 02, 2016.
Hi All from Roca Partida!
Camera and coffee in our hand, we are enjoying the another beautiful sunrise, it took 2 minutes 20 seconds to be fully seen. As the sun came up, our excitement for today got bigger and bigger to go scuba diving! The surface of the ocean is treating us nicely, as a bunch of dolphins were leading the way to Roca!
Today we had fun doing three different dives. The conditions were the ones we like! The visibility was over 100ft/30m, water temp. was 75F/24C, current for most part was coming from North West, embracing the Rock and creating fantastic dive conditions, the advantage of diving nitrox 28 let us enjoy more time with all the fascinating creatures!
Just below the surface of the water once again we were amazed by number and variety of
fish seeking shelter around the rock, as we were making our descent, we didn't stop pointing out the sharks in the area!
45 Galapagos shark were circling the rock at 21m/70ft, they kept coming at us, swimming by slowly before disappearing into the blue! Roca is not really a place for mantas but we counted 7 giant mantas and today they were just as playful as the ones we typically find at EL Boiler!
This is our 2nd day at Roca and the sharks did not disappoint at all! 
Yellow fin tunas showing off and displaying hunting skills chasing mostly pacific creole fish, the chirping of dolphins we can barely hear got all of us excited, it seems
that in a blink of an eye 20 friendly dolphins were swimming around us! 
On another dive we spotted about 80 hammerheads that stayed on the deeper side, but we had some that came closer, within our recreational dive limit. Silky sharks accompanied us while we were drifting doing safety stops too, they did not want us to feel like we were alone in a vast amount of salt water, then the mantas came along too to reinforce the good time we are having!
Around Roca every ledge was tightly packed with lots of white tip reef sharks, no room for one more! Those walls of Roca very nice decorated by Mother Nature, with lots of hard coral in tone of greens and browns, green moray eels hiding, lobsters, and barber fish do not let an opportunity go by without getting some benefit out of it by making cleaning stations here and there.  Their best clients are of course Pacific Creole Fish, but the trumpet fish also come in for a quick parasites removal!
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata

Solmar V.

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