Saturday, March 26, 2016

Friendly dolphins underwater and breaching humpbacks at the surface made for an amazing day at Socorro Island!

Today we were in Socorro Island once again and we dove at Punta Tosca, the water temperature was 74f/23C the visibility about 80ft/24m and almost no current throughout the day.
On the first dive we went all along the wall that extends on this site and saw lots of small fish but nothing big until we got to the shallow area and started doing out safety stop and a black manta showed up and was being extremely friendly so we had to extend our dive for 15 more minutes which was very nice! On the second dive we had another very friendly manta and also a very friendly green turtle that stayed around for a long time and at one point bumped into one of the diver’s camera great for a photo opportunity!
For sure the third dive was the best one, not only of today but for all the trip so far! After going along the wall and drifting into the blue, a pod of bottlenose dolphins showed up about 15 of them and they were being super friendly, going around the divers and being very playful until one of them got so close to one diver that it touched him and the diver couldn’t help but doing the same and started petting the dolphin and he loved it! He stayed there while the other dolphin swam around the divers in circles,  then while the dolphin was still being petted another dolphin got right next to it and displayed the same behavior! It is always amazing to have wild animals let you get so close to their personal space, and what is even more interesting is that after viewing the videos from the dive we realized that we already knew one of the dolphins and it had already showed this behavior couple of years ago.
To end the day we had some humpback whales breaching close to the boat right in front of the sunset just an amazing day.

Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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