Sunday, March 13, 2016

We had another amazing day at El Boiler!

Today we dove at el Boiler and we had another amazing day out here! There was a bit of swell and wind but under water the conditions were great! Water temperature of 75f/24c and the visibility ranged from 40ft/12m to 100ft/30m throughout the day.
The first two dives were good with 4 mantas being quite friendly and enjoying the bubbles, a couple of big tunas passed by and lots of jacks. The third dive was the highlight of the day however we had a pod of 8 dolphins hanging out with us for over 20 minutes getting very close to the divers and some of them displaying a very unique behavior that we have only seen at this site were the dolphins get cleaned by the clarion angel fish, the same ones that clean the mantas. After hanging out with the dolphins we went to our safety stop and when it was almost done the dolphins came back and went around us a couple more times!
The last dive was also very good with loads of manta action since we got in the water there were two mantas at 15ft/5m and we stayed with them the whole dive plus other 6 mantas that showed up and were being extremely friendly.
Tomorrow we will be diving Roca Partida hoping to see loads of sharks again!
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

Solmar V

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