Friday, March 25, 2016

Hammerheads, mantas, dolphins and more at Socorro Island!

Hi everybody!
We are now in Socorro Island heading towards Punta Tosca for the dives of tomorrow after spending a great day in Cabo Pearce on the east side of the island.
The day started with a beautiful sunrise facing the full moon hiding behind the mounts in Socorro Island, quite impressive to see this especially with such a good conditions early morning, so the divers got an extra boost to start the day waiting what this place has to offer underwater.
The conditions were good for the first two dives with no current, clear water with 50 ft/15 mts of visibility, the wind was blowing a bit in the morning but in the afternoon got stronger with some whitecaps at surface, the current at some point during the third and fourth dive picked up facing the south but this is good in terms of marine life so the divers got excited about it! Along the rock of Cabo Pearce we could experience some thermoclines that helped to warm up eventually but the cold water it is still present with 74 F/ 23 C.
The best was the marine life; during the first dive we got to see hammerheads all the dive from 20 meters to 30 meters, swimming close to the divers and showing their characteristic shining making the divers very happy even at some point they mixed with dolphins that swim down to the depths and kept coming up to take some breaths at surface, showing their bellies and tricking the divers to go deeper. In the same dive we saw mantas, big tunas with about fifty juvenile swimming close to the hammerheads, even at some point the Galapagos showed at the edges of the rock coming close to us.
For the second and third dive we stayed closer to the rock trying to get away from the current so we focus on looking for the great variety of fishes in this place, some barber fishes, creole everywhere, and the flounders trying to disguise as well as the octopuses. We had a chevron manta very friendly that kept coming hovering between the divers enjoying the bubbles as always.
For the fourth dive we got a special gift when at the middle of the dive we saw a tiger shark in between a murky environment, the perfect scenario to encounter this magnificent animal, the size this time made us believe that it was a whale shark but the stripes and the shape confirm what was it… Tiger Shark!
Great day of diving, hope tomorrow will have good action too.

Rodrigo Marroquin
Dive Instructor
Solmar V

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