Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Mantastic day at El Boiler!

Today we dove at the famous El Boiler and as usual we had another mantastic day. The visibility was not so good in the morning but it changed throughout the day and at one point we had the best visibility we have had in this site for a long time around 100ft/30m the water temperature was 76f/25c. We had lots of mantas all day long on all of the dives but the best dive of the day was the second dive! As soon as we got in the water the humpback whales started singing and they kept doing it for the entire dive. At one point it got very loud so we swam into the blue to see if it would be the lucky day but we did not see any of them. After that we went back to the pinnacle and there were 8 mantas, 4 of them together being very friendly with the divers and enjoying their bubbles. On the third dive besides the mantas we had one curious hammerhead that came up shallow to check us out followed by a baby silver tip shark and also a big tuna that kept passing by. Now we head back to Cabo on another very smooth crossing and we will be back to the islands in a couple of days for more adventures.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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