Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dolphins, silky sharks, manta, and more at Roca Partida!

Today we dove at Roca Partida it was a beautiful day super sunny and very calm seas, water temperature was 74f/23C and the visibility was around 100ft/30m. On the first dive as soon as we got in the water a couple of dolphins passed by but they did not stay for long after that we saw a big school of bonitos going very fast and some yellow fin tunas also. At the end of the dive the dolphins came back right on the surface this time there were 10 of them and there was one very young baby with its mother still showing him how to do some moves it was very interesting to watch because the juvenile did not had very good control over his buoyancy yet all of this with five silky sharks swimming under us.
On the second dive we had one very friendly manta that stayed around the entire time letting some of the divers get very close and feeling their bubbles.
To end the day we had one very curious hammerhead that came very close to us and stayed around for a bit and after that we finished the dive by the small caves were you can see all  the famous white tip sharks from Roca Partida cuddling very close to each other together with the lobsters and moray eels.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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